The latest magnesium body digital processor.

    The STATE A6 (standard firmware-equipped model) is a second-generation multiprocessing DAC system completely redesigned from our BEWITHSTATE system. It features a high-quality processor and D/A converter that let you create a maximum 3-way, 6-channel multiprocessing system with just a single unit, in addition to an ML link connector allowing digital direct connection to our existing STATE MM-1D mirror-type linear PCM player. And with extra touches like a body made of MAGNEOLA magnesium alloy specially designed for audio equipment, we’ve taken our legendary sound quality even further.

    • STATE A6

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    STATE A6 [ Multiprocessing DAC System ]

    Multiprocessing DAC System

    STATE A6

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    DSP/Pre Amplifier Equalizer Select 15 points from 31 points / Adjustable at -0.1dB steps (-12dB maximum)
    Left / Right
    Cut offslope -18dB/oct. Level adjustment at -0.1dB steps (0 – -12dB)
    Cut off
    High Pass
    Select from 37 point
    Low Pass Select from 35 point
    Time Alignment Adjustable at 0.77cm(0.02ms) steps between 0.00cm
    (0.00ms) – 499.73cm (14.70ms)
    Frequency responce 20Hz – 20kHz (except 20kHz (-1.5dB) )
    Maximum output voltage / Inpedance 4.35Vrms / 200Ω
    Total harmonic distortion 0.005%(MM-1 or Optical)
    Input / Output Terminals Audio Input 2 digital (1 Mirror-Link (only MM-1), 1 optical)
    1 analog (RCA line 6ch multi-input support)
    Audio Output 3way 6ch RCA Line (TW, MW, SW)
    Video input 2 composite (1 Rear-view only)
    Video output 2 composite
    Multi-link connection Avalable 10 connect
    Signal to noise ratio 107dB
    Separation 100dB
    Maximum current consumption 1.3A (when connecting MM-1)
    Power source DC14.4V (11.0V- 16.0V allowable)
    Dark current Under 2mA
    Fuse 10A
    Size 240×187×43mm
    Weight 1.3kg
    Accessory Remote Control / Remote Eye


    Redesigned internal structure that keeps all the basic functions of the original BEWITHSTATE.

    A redesigned internal structure that builds on the outstanding functionality of the original BEWITHSTATE, widely hailed as the first processing DAC system, achieves even greater sound quality and expandability. Along with one analog circuit per channel (a total of six) for a highly polished, pure sound, Bewith’s BS04 original operational amplifier, developed together with New Japan Radio Co., Ltd., features a greater capacity memory chip and completely redesigned control software for improved expandability and ease of adjustment.

    Body composed of the new MAGNEOLA magnesium alloy designed especially for audio equipment.

    The chassis is composed of a new MAGNEOLA magnesium alloy designed especially for audio equipment. The lid in particular gave Bewith the honor of the world’s first practical use of magnesium extrusion materials. MAGNEOLA’s exceptional rigidity and ideal internal loss and the resonance-reducing concave line of its lid further enhance the audible sense of S/N ratio. Like the STATE MM-1D, it features a JET BLACK baked paint finish that accentuates the texture of the magnesium.

    High sound quality processor that lets you build a 3-way, 6-channel digital multi-system with just one unit.

    Built-in high precision, digital sound adjustment function equipped with a 3-way digital crossover network, a 31-point /-0.1dB-step resolution selection formula equalizer and 0.77cm (0.02ms) resolution time alignment. With this unit alone you can create a 3-way, 6-channel high sound quality digital multi-system.

    MM Direct Connection achieves the ideal combination with the MM-1D.

    With the MM Direct Connection using Bewith’s own ML Link peer-to-peer communication format, you can connect directly to the already available STATE MM-1D mirror-type linear PCM player with just a single ML Link cable (sold separately), achieving high quality STATE MM-1D playback sound with minimal deterioration in sound quality thanks to balanced digital transmission. In addition, video signal input to the unit can be displayed on the STATE MM-1D’s display and it can be operated via the STATE MM-1D’s remote control eye, maximizing its sound quality and ease of use as a system.


    A wealth of input and output terminals including optical digital input and six analog audio inputs and outputs.

    There are a wealth of inputs and outputs including optical digital audio inputs compatible with third-party digital audio equipment and six analog audio inputs and outputs assignable to two to six (5.1) channels depending on the equipment connected. In addition to direct connection to 5.1-ch analog audio sources such as DVD players and AV navigation systems, by using high/low converters such as the L200 (distributed by Bewith Enterprises), you can achieve genuine multi-channel car audio input and output up to 5.1-ch without down-mixing the speaker output.

    OSD-compatible video circuit featuring two convenient inputs and outputs for connecting rearview cameras and other equipment.

    Two input and output OSD (onscreen display) video circuits let you connect RCA composite video signal external video devices such as rearview cameras, car navigation systems and terrestrial digital tuners, and display text information from the unit on the STATE MM-1D’s monitor and commercial automotive TVs. One of the inputs becomes a dedicated rearview camera terminal when connected to the reverse gear linkage, and by connecting the other input to the frontview camera and sideview camera it is possible to conveniently switch to have the two vehicle cameras work with the reverse gear.

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