A stable power system that elicits the most in system performance.

    To a power amplifier or processor, a power supply is no doubt a sound source. Bewith components are configured to demonstrate ample performance in a normal vehicle electrical environment and their sound can show a real change depending on differences in the electrical environment. This is something that comes from the inner depths of HiFi audio. Bewith offers a stable power system as an audio regulator option to elicit the maximum equipment performance by radically improving the electrical environment for virtually any car. As a vehicle-installed component device, the Accurate A-50A is the latest in compact, high-efficiency audio regulators and uses an all-magnesium alloy body, a world´s first. The power amplifier and processor are free from voltage fluctuation and various noises created by the vehicle and can instantaneously generate truly clean DC power at a stable, preset voltage. The Accurate A-50A is an ultra-light instrument at only 650g and yet wields a maximum output of 600W. Handling up to 6 of our A-110S II monaural power amps in a single unit, the Accurate A-50A can increase its power supply capacity by connecting multiple units in parallel.

    * With the lower limit set to the minimum input voltage of 11.0V, the output voltage can be freely set to up to 15.0V.

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    Accurate A-50A

    Audio Regulator 600W

    Accurate A-50A

    End of sales

    2010 オートサウンドグランプリ 受賞

    Input Voltagee 11.0 – 14.4V
    Adjustable Voltage Input Voltage – 15.0V
    Maximum Output Power 600W
    Size W258 x D80 x H43mm
    Weight 650g


    Effects of using the A-50A audio regulator.

    1. Eliminates voltage fluctuations and noise originating in the vehicle, so that sound transparency and sharpness as well as a sense of enhanced power can be achieved.

    2. Stabilizes operating voltage and avoids unexpected excess voltage. Extended life can be expected due to protection against equipment problems.

    3. Performance per settings will be obtained if operating voltage is set to the car audio components´ rated value (+14.4V).

    Electrical Environment Improvements Through Use of the A-50A and a Bewith Power Cable.(Conceptual diagram based on actual measurements.)

    Directly after the car battery.

    Measured directly after the car battery terminal. Impulse noise continuously emitted by the alternator impacts the power line.

    After passage for Bewith power cable.

    The three-layer structure of the Bewith power cable suppresses the generation of a magnetic field arising from the alternator AC component to produce excellent results in power supply stability.

    After the A-50A passage.

    Ripple (pulsating flow) and mild voltage fluctuation eradicated by audio regulator. Stable power supply without noise confirmed by waveform.

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