Our latest stabilized power supply, improving the sound of car audio all the way from the source.

    The V-50 is our next-generation compact high-efficiency audio regulator for supplying power amplifiers and processors with a clean stable DC power supply unaffected by voltage fluctuations and noise generated by the vehicle. With the same MAGNEOLA magnesium alloy specially designed for audio equipment and used in the P-1 Power Amplifier and STATE A6 Multiprocessing DAC System, it delivers a maximum 600W of power with an ultra lightweight body design of only less than 700g. Just one V-50 can power up to six P-1 units, but it is possible to increase the supply capacity even further by connecting multiple units in parallel. Using the input voltage (minimum 11.0V) as a lower limit, the output voltage can be set at any level up to 15.0V volts above the lower limit. Newly designed high speed switching and current sensing circuits and large-capacity power circuits featuring the MUSES7001 next-generation SiC diodes let you maximize your equipment’s performance.

    • Audio Regulator V-50

    V-50 [ Audio Regulator ]

    Audio Regulator 600W


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    Input Voltagee 11.0V – 14.4V
    Adjustable Voltage Input Voltage – 15.0V
    Maximum Output Power 600W
    Size W258×D80×H43mm
    Weight 698g

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