A new reference player for the high-end car audio world

    The STATE MM-1D is a rearview mirror linear PCM player specialized for digital connection to the multiprocessing DAC system BEWITHSTATE, STATE A6 or the existing Smart Interface.* It has completely new versions of more than 90% point ratio of the constituent parts ranging from devices to housing, while completely inheriting the concept of Mirror Media® MM-1, which established an era in which it was the reference player in the high-end car audio world. It has achieved improvements in its functionality including even purer sound quality and a high precision 3.5-inch color liquid crystal digital display.

    *Accessory to the first generation Mirror Media® MM-1. Not sold separately.

    Note: The STATE MM-1D is intended to be used in combination with BEWITHSTATE, STATE A6 or a smart interface (first-generation Mirror Media® MM-1 accessory, IF-10MM interface unit), sold separately. It cannot be used independently.

    • Mirror Media® MM-1


    STATE MM-1D [ Linear PCM Player ]

    Linear PCM Player


    * The STATE MM-1D is a product premised on use with the optional BEWITHSTATE, STATE A6 or the Smart Interface (accessory to the first generation Mirror Media® MM-1). It cannot be used by itself.

    Product components MM-1D player Player size: W280×D21(41)×H80mm (including mounting stays)/Weight 446g (including cable)/cable length: approx. 450mm
    Extension cable Lengths: 0.5m 3m 6m (including jack) (sold separately)
    Remote control 15-key card remote control (sold separately)
    Monitor display Display screen 3.5-inch high durability, high contrast digital display QVGA (320 × 240 pixels)
    Output Digital AES/EBU standard compliant differential output output format: 44.1kHz, 16bit Stereo/Mono
      Analogue L/R
    Acceptable media (recording media) Compact flash Compatible models: CF compliant products FAT12, 16, 32 format (Type Ⅰ and Type II, 32GB or below) Limited to FAT32 format (Type Ⅰ, Type II). Note that some makers’ products may not be compatible.
    Acceptable music format WAV 44.1kHz, 16bit, Stereo/Mono
    MP3* Acceptable format MPEG-1 Audio Layer3, MEPG-2 Audio Layer3
    Number of channels Sampling rate Bit rate 48kHz | Stereo/Mono | 32 – 320kbps
    44.1kHz | Stereo/Mono | 32 – 320kbps
    32kHz | Stereo/Mono | 32 – 320kbps
    24kHz | Stereo/Mono | 16 – 160kbps
    22.05kHz | Stereo/Mono | 16 – 160kbps
    16kHz | Stereo/Mono | 16 – 160kbps
    * VBR, Joint Stereo acceptable MPEG2.5, Free format, Dual Channel unacceptable
    AAC Acceptable format MPEG-2/Audio, MPEG-4/Audio Object Type : LC, Main, SSR, LTP, LD
    Number of channels Sampling rate Bit rate 48kHz | Stereo/Mono | 32 – 320kbps
    44.1kHz | Stereo/Mono | 32 – 320kbps
    32kHz | Stereo/Mono | 32 – 320kbps
    24kHz | Stereo/Mono | 16 – 160kbps
    22.05kHz | Stereo/Mono | 16 – 160kbps
    16kHz | Stereo/Mono | 16 – 160kbps
    * Object Type: DRM unacceptable
    FLAC 44.1kHz, 16bit, Stereo/Mono
    Output 44.1kHz, 16bit, Stereo/Mono
    Folders and files Maximum Folders: 20,000 Max., Files: 100,000 Max.
    Up to 5th level
    Requirements Input voltage DC10V – 16V
    Temperature -20°C – +60°C
    Data saving temp. -40°C – +80°C
    Current Consumption On 490mA, 600mA Max. (Supplied voltage 12V)
    Stand by (ACC on) 100mA, 150mA Max. (Supplied voltage 12V)


    Digital direct connection with BEWITHSTATE and STATE A6.

    The STATE MM-1D, which integrates a CF memory drive capable of playing CD quality uncompressed (WAV) format without any decrease in sound quality and a high contrast ratio 3.5-inch digital display with a stylish rearview mirror body, can be installed in almost every passenger car equipped with a suspended rearview mirror. Input/output jacks are LVDS compatible special standard ML connectors, achieving high sound quality transmission and function expansion through digital direct connection with the multiprocessing DAC system BEWITHSTATE and STATE A6. And because it can also be connected to the existing Smart Interface (accessory to the first generation, Mirror Media® MM-1), you can smoothly replace the first generation Mirror Media® MM-1).

    Highest quality CF memory drive for the ultimate S/N and feeling of freshness

    The uncompressed linear PCM compatible CF memory drive, which Bewith introduced to car audio in 2005 ahead of the rest of the industry, is now one standard for the high-end car audio world thanks to its overwhelmingly high sound quality and reliability created by combining the widely accepted WAV format + CF (compact flash) memory cards. Aiming for the highest sound quality of all car-mounted source units since 2010, the new STATE MM-1D features a new-generation sound engine in the core of its digital sound signal processing. Simple calculation operation specialized for high quality processing of sound and more compact overall digital circuitry have realized low radiation, low heat generation and low noise, and along with refinement of signal circuits based on a two-sided 6-layer printed circuit board developed by carefully studying patterning, maximum care was taken to eradicate the jitter that decisively determines the sound quality of a digital source unit. In this sound with its ultimate S/N and freshness, you will truly sense a technological revolution in the seven and a half years since the introduction of the first generation Mirror Media® MM-1.

    Improved basic functions as an audio player

    The CF memory drive (player) unit has greatly improved basic player functions. It can display song names, artist names, file names, and so on, and has increased the number of playable folders and the number of playable files (songs) to a maximum total of about 20,000 folders and a total of about 100,000 files and it has boosted its compatible media capacity to a maximum of 64GB. As its media, it continues to use CF memory cards, which have superior properties for HiFi media use, ensuring upward compatibility with the first generation Mirror Media® MM-1.

    Built-in high precision, high contrast ratio 3.5-inch digital display

    An LED backlight high precision 3.5-inch color liquid crystal digital display, with greatly improved contrast ratio, is housed behind the mirror glass, clearly displaying text information such as player operating status. It can also perform superimposed display of external image signals such as those from a rear camera.*

    * External image signals are input through the separately sold BEWITHSTATE or through the Smart Interface (accessory of the first generation Mirror Media® MM-1). You cannot directly connect image equipment to this player.

    Comparison of images on the first generation Mirror Media® MM-1 (left) and the STATE MM-1D (right).

    The STATE MM-1D has greatly improved contrast ratio and degree of precision. (Both are photos of the actual objects, so the actual objects may appear different.)

    Highest quality mirror thanks to German made optical glass and derivative multilayer film deposition

    The mirror glass is high performance optical glass made by Schott, a famous German manufacturer. It provides optical quality and shock resistance ideal for use in a rearview mirror, and has thermal resistance up to a maximum of 400°C* during use. Performing the most advanced derivative multilayer film deposition (8 layers) on the back surface of the glass achieves reflectivity of more than 90%, which is astonishing for a half mirror, while it clearly allows images on the internal display to pass through. Concave lines on both surfaces of the mirror, which symbolize the high precision of the processing, achieve both easy memory card extraction and design qualities. It will provide both joy of listening and joy of owning.

    * Value for single piece of glass material. The allowable range of temperature during use of the product is from  20 to +60°C, and during data storage is from – 40 to +80°C.

    All-magnesium body ensures superior reliability and also contributes to sound quality

    It has a high precision all-magnesium body that has extravagantly used tough and lightweight diecast magnesium as the front case, back case, and all circuit board brackets. Masterful use of BEWITH’s metal processing technology achieves thermal resistance, weather resistance and radiation resistance properties ideal for a car-mounted device, while faithfully preserving the superior original design and light weight (main machine weight of about 402g, excluding cable) of the first generation Mirror Media® MM-1. In addition, its all-magnesium body contributes to higher sound quality, particularly the S/N feeling, by providing audio properties and circuit board support stiffness only possible with a non-ferrous metal material, and optimum internal loss, which is a property of magnesium. The exterior is finished with jet black baked coating, which accentuates the magnesium texture and minimizes light reflection, providing the maximum luxurious touch suited for a luxury audio device and the essential functionality of a rearview mirror.

    An attachment mechanism that fits a wide range of car models

    The attachment mechanism installed on the back of the player is constructed so it fixes the top and allows the bottom to slide, so the top stay anchor location can extend 10mm, permitting it to be easily and reliably installed on almost any model car equipped with a suspended type rearview mirror. The rubber grip in which the genuine rearview mirror is inserted is fully inspected for weather resistance so that it will not fall, rattle or stick as a result of deterioration over time, allowing you to use it regularly without worry for a long period of time.

    Onscreen display is even easier to use

    The onscreen display, which performs concentrated display of the player operating status, has evolved, becoming even easier to use, with a folder/file search function for example, in response to the improved player functions. For example, the text color when selecting a song is basically white, displays candidate pieces during selection in yellow, and displays a confirmed (playing) song in green. If items during selection and during confirmation overlap, the text color changes to light blue. This shows a commitment to not only functionality, but to refined color tones that are pleasant to look at.

    Mirror Media  MM-1

    Digital audio system circuit board

    Image system board

    High precision all-magnesium body

    Attachment mechanism compatible with a wide range of car models

    Song (album) selection

    The title text of candidate songs (albums) selected using the cursor are displayed in yellow.

    Starting play

    When a selection is confirmed, play begins, and the title text of the song changes from yellow to light blue.

    Selecting another song during play

    When you move the cursor during play, the song that is playing is displayed in green and the candidate songs being selected are displayed in yellow.

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