A clean and stable power supply that improves the sound ofcar audio right from the source.

    The V-50R is a compact, high efficiency audio regulator for power amplifiers and processors that eliminates vehicle voltage fluctuations and noise to provide a clean and stable direct current power supply up to a maximum of 600W. One unit is capable of supplying power for up to six P-1R power amplifiers. The output voltage can be set to any amount between a lower limit of the input voltage (+11V minimum) and a maximum of 15V. It features a high-speed switching and current-sensing circuit, a large capacity power circuit featuring the next-generation SiC MUSES7001, and an exceptional S/N feel thanks to its MAGNEOLA acoustic magnesium alloy body, all combining to maximize the quality of the original sounds delivered by the power amplifier and processor.

    • Audio Regulator V-50R

    V-50R [ Audio Regulator ]

    Audio Regulator 600W


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    Input Voltagee 11.0V-14.4V
    Adjustable Voltage Input Voltage – 15.0V
    Maximum Output Power 600W
    Size W258×D80×H43mm
    Weight 715g

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