BEWITH Royal Ensemble II

    A 21-piece set for everyone who wants to make their audio dreams a reality. The Bewith Royal Ensemble II.

    The Bewith Royal Ensemble II is our second high-end package, following the Bewith Royal Ensemble* launched in a limited edition of 50 sets in the spring of 2014 to great acclaim.

    Its 6-channel full mono block configuration is built around a single set of six STATE A6R MONO 1-way/1-channel monaural special edition multiprocessing DAC system units, adding six P-1R monaural power amplifiers and separate V-50R audio regulators in both the left and right channels to produce incredible regulation ability never before experienced in car audio. The special edition MM-1DR serves as the source unit, taking the STATE MM-1D as a base and adding functions like downsampling playback from 96kHz/24-bit high-resolution sound sources and dedicated sound tuning.

    For speakers it offers the Confidence III Trio network-free 3-way speaker combination, made up of carefully pair matched Confidence III series 5cm tweeters, 13cm mid-woofers and 18cm subwoofers. The culmination of the all-PPC eccentric cone speaker, this 3-way provides without compromise the most accurate playback possible.

    With that target in mind, the 21-piece** set that we have assembled here can be called a gem unprecedented in car audio history. This gift to every enthusiast who hopes to realize their audio dreams is limited to 50 sets (20 for Japan, 30 for overseas).

    * The Bewith Royal Ensemble (released in 2014) is sold out.
    ** The “21 pieces” in the overall system consist of six multiprocessing DAC system units, six monaural power amplifiers,
    two audio regulators, one mirror-type audio player, two tweeters, two mid-woofers and two subwoofers.

    Included in the Bewith Royal Ensemble II:
    ■ Six STATE A6R MONO multiprocessing DAC system units (exclusive to this package)
    ■ One MM-1D R room mirror linear PCM player (exclusive to this package)
    ■ Six P-1R monaural power amplifiers (exclusive to this package)
    ■ Two V-50R audio regulators (exclusive to this package)
    ■ One pair of Confidence III Trio 3-way speaker systems (each with 5cm tweeter,
      13cm mid-woofer, 18cm sub-woofer)
    ■ One ML-3.0 ML link cable
    ■ Four ML-0.5 ML link cables
    ■ Bewith original line cable*
    ■ Bewith original power cable*
    ■ Bewith original speaker cable*
    ■ Two G-50MG (W) bullet-shaped tweeter enclosures
    ■ Two G-130MG (W) mid-woofer grilles
    ■ Two G-180 (W) subwoofer grilles

    * The amount of cable necessary for the customer’s vehicle will be provided.

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